Different types of data can be viewed as graphs and / or tables and downloaded as Excel files.

The following menu allows choosing between:

-SO HYBAM network stations (15 stations of the SO HYBAM stricto sensu, a station on the Orinoco River and a station on the Congo River);

-a network to monitor suspended material concentration : twenty stations complementary to that of the SO HYBAM, managed by the joint research programs IRD-SENAMHI-UMSA in Bolivia, IRD-SENAMHI-UNALM Peru, IRD-INAMHI Ecuador, IRD-ANA-UnB-UFF-UEA in Brazil (data reserved for participants of the ongoing projects);

-define geographic, toponymic criteria to select stations.

If you are logged in with your username, the last menu item on the left is a link to a daily rainfall file (1980-2009) per square degrees throughout the whole Amazon basin.